Current Partners

The Transitions program is proud to be supported by partners Public Safety Canada and the City of Vancouver.

Become a Partner

The Metro Vancouver Consortium is interested in developing partnerships with potential service providers and employers for the Transitions program. We are looking to collaborate with organizations that share our objectives of increasing accessible options for sex workers who wish to reduce their reliance on sex work and/or transition into mainstream employment, and in providing holistic support throughout the exiting phase.

Service Providers

Transitions is seeking partnerships with housing services, healthcare services and legal professionals who can provide safe, accessible, and non-stigmatizing assistance to our program participants. We are seeking partners who can provide structural and resource support in the following areas:

  1. Housing
    • Safe, non-stigmatizing and accessible housing
    • Subsidized housing
    • Housing programs offering environmental-structured supports:
      • Bad-date reports
      • Access to condoms and other harm reduction supplies
      • Safe and appropriate guest and visitor policies
      • Surveillance cameras
      • Support from staff or police in removing violent clients
  2. Healthcare
    • Prompt access to detox and treatment centres
    • Appropriate mental health care
    • Outreach care such as community health care centres, drop-ins
    • Counselling services
  3. Legal Assistance
    • Legal advice: including criminal law, family law, residential tenancy and human rights
    • Summary and procedural advice
    • Advocacy


Transitions is seeking community-minded partner organizations and companies who share our values of respect, inclusion and self-determination, and with whom our participants can gain valuable mainstream employment experience.

Why participate in Transitions?

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Peter Drucker (Business management guru)

  • Strengthen your corporate culture and values in a tangible way
  • Improve morale among existing employees – studies show employees stay with companies that demonstrate they care about their communities
  • Gain loyal new employees
  • Help build a healthy, strong, community

The Transitions program provides comprehensive, wrap-around support to participants who identify their goals, complete a pre-enrolment screening, and receive ongoing, individualized case management. This process ensures that you are matched with a well-suited, supported employee where the partnership is fulfilling to all parties.

Transitions partners should understand that exiting sex work is not a straightforward process. Providing a safe, non-judgmental environment is crucial to sex workers successfully mitigating the barriers posed by stigma and discrimination and achieving their goals of mainstream employment, and greater health, safety and independence.

We encourage interested employers and service providers to contact the Transitions Support Team for further information.